Other projects

Alt Magazine

Honest, transparent and alternative lifestyle magazine for women.

We Heart Living

Health and wellness website.

Let’s Tell Stories

Co founder and creator of Let’s Tell Stories, a space to read and write to inspire and learn.

Stories From Songs

Short stories inspired by the tale within a tune. Read the zine here.

Blue & Green Tomorrow

Freelance writer for Blue & Green Tomorrow, a site focusing on how to invest responsibly, travel sustainably, shop ethically and use cleaner sources of energy.

Recovery Warriors

Motivation and support for eating disorder recovery.

The Culture Trip 

Contributor to The Culture Trip, which showcases the best of art, culture and travel for every country in the world.

For Book’s Sake

Scribbler for the intelligent but irreverent For Book’s Sake, dedicated to literature by women, for women.

Om Exchange

Seeking enlightenment through my writing.

TNT Magazine

Writing for the magazine that provides inspiration for independent travellers – by doing it myself.

The London Magazine

The London Magazine is the UK’s oldest cultural and literary journal featuring the best original poetry, short stories, cultural reviews and literary essays since 1732.

The Travel Word

Writing about local, sustainable, and ethical travel.

London In Stereo

More music musings.


Part of the team inspiring and empowering women to travel smart.

And many others…

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