YOOFS – For Her

There is a lot to be said for simple melodies, words and notes in a pleasingly dramatic and effective order, fluttering guitars layered over familiar and flattering chord structures and lyrics that serve as mirror to well worn and lived life events. YOOFS, Bournemouth brothers MJ and Richard Dent, make music reminiscent of Ducktails andContinue reading “YOOFS – For Her”

Throwing Up – Snake

London band Throwing Up are what I would call gentle punk, the frantic DIY drama of the music offset by the soft and soothing husky vocals from singers Clare and Camilla. They have been getting a lot of buzz recently,, and here is last summer’s Snake. A crush on a knob sucks, but at leastContinue reading “Throwing Up – Snake”

Thoughts & Rhythms – July 2013

Full of interview and musical goodness with Robinson!http://www.robinsonsmusic.com/ and the following songs…   Still Corners – Berlin Lovers Tall Tales – Tough Outside Jaws – Gold Internet Forever – White Collision Course Connections – Summer Creeps Connections  – Pilot Bombers – Forecast Sundara Karma – Freshbloom The Beaches – Absolutely Nothing Robinson Track The Divers –Continue reading “Thoughts & Rhythms – July 2013”

The Art Club – Sorry

  The Art Club have a tender touch about them. A subtle melancholy and russet tones envelope Sorry, a final apology from guilty person to his wronged former lover. Full of bittersweet nostalgia, both in topic and style, the band merges sixties sheen, eighties anxiety and this decade’s dizzy spangles. From Morecambe originally and nowContinue reading “The Art Club – Sorry”

Tripwires – Shimmer

It’s taken a while from the very first demo of Shimmer, but Tripwires have released their debut album Spacehopper, and it is every bit as brilliant as the promise those early demos suggested it may be. A pedal happy 90s vibe, it swarms with feedback and hissing haze, the slow broody vocals over the synthyContinue reading “Tripwires – Shimmer”