The Bishops Head West

David Wells The Monday night audience at the Louisiana in Bristol is a bit sparse for London three piece, The Bishops. Despite this they blast through a 45-minute set of material from both their albums including recent singles “If You Leave Today” and “City Lights.” All the way through a rather drunk punter has been shoutingContinue reading “The Bishops Head West”

Official Secrets Act – Understanding Electricity

30 March 2009 Francesca Baker Every song sounds different, but this is not a case of a finger in too many pies—more evidence of the supreme talent of this band. A delightful and sophisticated pick and mix of juxtapositions, ‘Understanding Electricity’ is difficult to pin down. The plaintive crying of ‘save the town’ that sees out MomentaryContinue reading “Official Secrets Act – Understanding Electricity”

Jack Penate – Tonight's Today

30 March 2009 Francesca Baker ‘Tonight’s Today’ continues where Jack left off, with the carefree attitude that pervades his songs. Crossing sun dappled melodies with club beats, ‘Tonight’s Today’ is at once intimate and exciting. A collision of Afro-beats and cockney charm, Tonight’s Today is a typical Penate piece, light and fun, but still hammers its way into yourContinue reading “Jack Penate – Tonight's Today”