Cassandra Jenkins – Rabbit

It starts with a crashing cymbal and ends with moonlight twinkle. In between, on Rabbit, we find a gentle halcyonic rolling wash of guitar and precise yet eerie keys, perfectly placed percussion dissipating into Cassandra Jenkins‘ bittersweet tones that tell tales of a queen and a king that seem somewhat disillusioned but tinted with hopefulness.Continue reading “Cassandra Jenkins – Rabbit”

A band to watch – Dignan Porch

Dignan Porch are a five piece from London, DIY in ethos and distorted in delivery. Theirs is the sound of rainy late summer, all dense and enigmatic but also full of forceful riffage. Tousled languid serenades, the vocals are direct but deluded (sleeve notes for highlight Like It Was tells that I’m going to callContinue reading “A band to watch – Dignan Porch”

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Pleasant is a word that is generally a good thing. A pleasant country walk. A pleasant dinner. A pleasant night’s sleep. Bands however rarely want to be pleasant. Gritty, abrasive, heavy and heady. Not pleasant. But this is exactly what new album Fly By Wire from the Missouri band Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinContinue reading “Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin”

Shoreditch Radio Summer Social – Thom Byles

Part of the series of songs recorded at the¬†Shoreditch Radio¬†Summer Social. A day of bands, bbq and booze back in August, over in the Stoke Newington studios. Thom Byles knows how to use his guitar, flexing, strumming, tapping and rapping, to create deeply sensitive and beguiling tunes. From his earlier Step Into The Weather EPContinue reading “Shoreditch Radio Summer Social – Thom Byles”