The City Sound Project – Canterbury’s music festival

All too often the south east gets subsumed into London, with the assumption being that just because London is well catered for in terms of live music, everyone in Kent is as well. Sadly, it’s not the case, but every now and then the creative and artistic potential in these parts gets some buzz –Continue reading “The City Sound Project – Canterbury’s music festival”

Cross Record – Wabi Sabi

Husband wife combos can sometimes be a bit clichéd schmaltz, all winsome sing song and cooing back and forth. Cross Record are rather different. In 2013 Emily Cross decamped from Chicago to the remote, idyllic town of Dripping Springs, Texas with her husband, Dan Duszynski. Living on Moon Phase ranch with bird sanctuary in tow was somethingContinue reading “Cross Record – Wabi Sabi”

Drones Club – Soul of a Spaceman

  Soul of a Spaceman is the first tune from the Rise EP, the debut from London’s Drones Club. It’s a nostalgic and trippy piece of electronic driven wistfulness, seeming to mingle together video game special effects with classic chord progressions to dazzling effect. They are, in their own words, ‘a pan- social solution to the 21stContinue reading “Drones Club – Soul of a Spaceman”