Having a chat with Sam from Thrillhouse to celebrate the release of new single One Of These Days, So for those who don’t know, who are Thrillhouse? Thrillhouse are Alistair Scott, Jackie B. Nielsen and Sam Burns. One Of These Days is dark and lively in equal measure, a sort of sombre dance tune. Is itContinue reading “Introducing…Thrillhouse”


I caught up with Leeds based L.H.B on the launch of her new album Down Yonderland, a spirited and modern blend of ambient electronics and pop makes for a chilled listen of lush tunes. When and why did you start making music? I have been singing since I can remember. Both my Granny and MumContinue reading “Introducing…L.H.B”

The Lutras – Fight Night

Scottish indie-rockers, The Lutras, return with their full-throttle single Fight Night, an energetic piece of punky rock that evokes classic British guitar melodies and fuzzing riffs. It simmers along, before building to a firey crescendo, boldly putting itself out there. The Dumfries band, consisting of Ben Clements (vocals), Thomas Gillan (guitar), Danny Heron (bass) and Finlay Maxwell (drums)Continue reading “The Lutras – Fight Night”