Athens, grittily getting on

Pelts of heavy rain hit my highly permeable clothing, as I amble between cars and puddles, trying to avoid them both, all the while ducking trees and keeping an eye out for a place of refuge – a café. The hen do hasn’t gone quite to plan. Our beautiful spacious apartment is indeed beautiful andContinue reading “Athens, grittily getting on”

The Pink City – A weekend in Marrakech

As I avoid the other commuters on the bustling Broadway, lugging my laptop, trying to appear an efficient Real Grown Up, the waft from one of the sheesha cafes now more prolific than Starbucks in London, hits me. It channels not just through my nostrils, but envelopes my brain and caresses my sense. Suddenly I’mContinue reading “The Pink City – A weekend in Marrakech”

Malta – the tourist authority's got it wrong

The best thing for anyone thinking of travelling to Malta to do is to ignore all the guides. But if you’re still reading this, I can see that you’re not going to do that. So I will at least attempt to guide you to those places that help uncover the real Malta. Visit the mainContinue reading “Malta – the tourist authority's got it wrong”

Sarajevo – coffee and roses

My favourite cafe ever in possibly my favourite city ever… If only I sat in Zlatna Ribica now, not my rainy West London Starbucks. The pavements of Sarajevo are awash with cafes and bars inviting regulars and visitors in to sample their refreshments and Bosnian hospitality in equal measures.   We discovered Zlatna Ribica onContinue reading “Sarajevo – coffee and roses”