Aracena’s premier tourist attraction, Gruta de la Maravillas, the Cave of the Marvels, were discovered at the turn of the twentieth century by a Spanish boy looking for a lost pig. It’s over one hundred years later and I’m here, an English girl looking for lost inspiration. We’re staying up in the hills, at FuncaContinue reading “Aracena”

Sunday Papers Live – edition 11

I don’t know about you but I love the Sunday papers. There’s something about switching off and immersing yourself in a labyrinthine world of information and entertainment that is just magical. Especially when it’s live. Celebrating late summer & the winding-down of the festival season with their second and final London event of the year,Continue reading “Sunday Papers Live – edition 11”

FloVibe – where retreat meets beats

The thing about most festivals is that whilst they are super fun, the combination of mud, hangovers and tiredness can make you feel pretty rubbish. You return on Monday depleted and depressed, ready to sleep for a month. The creators of FloVibe – Jason Pooley (The House of Yoga) and collaborator Lou Wellby of Jam SandwichContinue reading “FloVibe – where retreat meets beats”

Sounding City

A musical map of a city as told by its inhabitants. The Sounding City project, exhibited at Bristol’s Architecture Centre, and run by artist Jennie Savage is a fascinating exploration of what makes a place through a sense that we all have but rarely use in creating meaning. Commissioned by The Architecture Centre as part ofContinue reading “Sounding City”