Natalie Trice – PR School

When Natalie Trice had to give up her glamorous London PR agency to look after her son with hip dysplasia, she thought her career was over. How wrong she was. Now, as well as working with big name businesses and small start ups, she is one of the go to voices in the world ofContinue reading “Natalie Trice – PR School”

A conversation with Marianne Dissard

Marianne Dissard is the author of Not Me, a stunning and searing memoir of a life with bulimia and recovery through yoga. The eccentric musician is an artistic powerhouse, creating in every moment. Far from being a misery memoir, Not Me is a beautiful and deeply affecting piece of literature. I asked her a fewContinue reading “A conversation with Marianne Dissard”

Crowded – spoken word and mental health drama

Crowded, an immersive new spoken word drama for teenagers and adults by children’s theatre specialists Half Moon Theatre and Apples and Snake, England’s leading spoken word poetry organisation, embarks on a nationwide 10 venue tour, from Wednesday 6 November to Friday 22 November 2019, premiering at Half Moon Theatre for ten performances. Developed in directContinue reading “Crowded – spoken word and mental health drama”

Brian Jory – Cupid on Trial

Did you know that every day one million people ask Google for the definition of love? According to Dr Brian Jory, this uncertainty stems from cultural shifts that have radically transformed views about love, intimacy, and sexuality. It’s time to restructure old-fashioned perspectives and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to love someone—andContinue reading “Brian Jory – Cupid on Trial”

How to Feel the Fear and Eat It Anyway by Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison

We’re obsessed with eating. What we eat, how much of it, when we do it, how we do it, and what it looks like. But this enthrallment with what’s on the plate (or artisan slate board) and in our bodies is making us miserable. With eating disorders at endemic proportions, disordered eating the new norm,Continue reading “How to Feel the Fear and Eat It Anyway by Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison”