An interview with Owen Ashworth

Owen Ashworth has announced an extensive July tour in the UK. The latest album Animal Companionship, which was released to critical acclaim in October, is available now via Run For Cover and Ashworth’s own Orindal Records. It’s charming, authentic, and wonderful. After hearing problems forced the end of his electronic pop project Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in 2010, Ashworth started making music as Advance Base.Continue reading “An interview with Owen Ashworth”

Summer Camp – Love Of My Life

Beloved British indie-pop duo Summer Camp – AKA married couple Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley – are back with their new music for the first time since 2015. Love of My Life / Danny and John is the lead double A-side single from their forthcoming LP Romantic Comedy. Romantic Comedy – the album – is aContinue reading “Summer Camp – Love Of My Life”

Lauran Hibberd – Hoochie

A bit of slacker pop and grooving melodies from Lauran Hibberd. Hoochie is off kilter and rumbles with vibrancy, a lively take on colourful indie. Hibberd stated: ‘‘Hoochie’ is a 90’s slang term for a bit of a ‘loose’ woman. It’s also the name of my new hamster. For me, this track is kind of thatContinue reading “Lauran Hibberd – Hoochie”

Heir – After Forever

Heir are a DIY-pop band from Leeds. Organic songwriting, infectious rhythmical hooks and powerful vocal harmonies have propelled the five-piece (Tom Hammond, Sam Luca, Harry Vernon, Ste Fisher, Samuel Newham) to  independent success. After Forever is a grooving pop track, delicately crafted to depict the confusion, love, sadness and promise that accompanies life as an early twenty-year-old. With chorusesContinue reading “Heir – After Forever”

An interview with Easter Island Records

The Kent music scene is buzzing. No longer are bands and labels confined to the big cities, but there’s plenty happening in regions around the country. Local label Easter Island Records are doing great things, so I caught up with them to find out more. Why did you set up Easter Island Records? Initially we justContinue reading “An interview with Easter Island Records”