The Maccabees @ McCluskys, 26 February 2009

New Slang by Banquet Records Francesca Baker ‘You stood out like a sore thumb; the most beautiful sore thumb I’d ever seen’ is genuinely one of the most beautiful and romantic lines to ever grace the song world. Slightly awkward and ungangly but sending shockwaves of wow to strike my heart every time I hearContinue reading “The Maccabees @ McCluskys, 26 February 2009”

Hockey @ Cargo, Shoreditch, 23 February 2009

Francesca Baker Behind a curtain concealing the back room in this uber trendy bar under the arches in Shoreditch American band Hockey kicked of the week in style, ripping up the room with their garage rock cum rock’n’roll. Obviously not one for big entrances, there was little hustle and bustle as The Bear Club leftContinue reading “Hockey @ Cargo, Shoreditch, 23 February 2009”

In The Ring

It’s All Happening! take on media hype and give their views on the music currently making waves… Francesca Baker Graham Coxon – Sorrows Army According to those in the know, Graham can do no wrong. Graham Coxon has not let the recent rekindling of love with Blur (the thought makes me all warm and fuzzyContinue reading “In The Ring”

The First – March 2009

‘It’s all happening!…It’s all happening!’ Polexia Aphrodisia’s (what a name?!) wailings at the top of the ramp in Almost Famous. What’s all happening? Anything you want! That’s the beauty of music – it soundtracks anything, makes anything possible, makes anything happen. So that’s the title. Take a love of music and a love of writing,Continue reading “The First – March 2009”

Polly Scattergood – Other Too Endless

Polly Scattergood Other Too Endless Label: Mute Release Date: 23/02/09 A graduate of the infamous Brit School, it would be possible to dump Polly Scattergood in with Adele, Lily, Kate and all her peers. Along with the story telling skills of her school cronies, Scattergood harks back to the 80s, just like Ladyhawke and LaContinue reading “Polly Scattergood – Other Too Endless”