Crowdsourcing The City

Businesses and entrepreneurs know that if they want their product or enterprise to be successful, they have to listen to the people using it. Customer testing, focus groups, crowdfunding, multi-disciplinary discussions, cross-departmental workshops and expert consultations are all strategies used to increase knowledge about their audience and find ways to deliver the best products andContinue reading “Crowdsourcing The City”

Sunday Papers Live – edition 11

I don’t know about you but I love the Sunday papers. There’s something about switching off and immersing yourself in a labyrinthine world of information and entertainment that is just magical. Especially when it’s live. Celebrating late summer & the winding-down of the festival season with their second and final London event of the year,Continue reading “Sunday Papers Live – edition 11”

Skin Aspirations

Simona has been practising beauty for the last three years, and in that time found herself becoming increasingly frustrated. Skin health matters, and her experience of working at clinics in Harley Street and in the City was ‘that clients in most instances are sold industry hype.’ She wants to help people get the skin theyContinue reading “Skin Aspirations”

Explore Your Story, Review Your Life Script and Start a New Chapter in Your Life with Jacq Burns

The words we use and the stories we tell ourselves matter. Narrative therapy for example is grounded in the idea that by shifting the accounts and descriptions of our selves and experiences we can change our lives. Suzy Greaves at Psychologies is also great believer in story telling and that’s why the magazine invited literary agent JacquelineContinue reading “Explore Your Story, Review Your Life Script and Start a New Chapter in Your Life with Jacq Burns”