Magical graffiti from Xenz

I’ve never been convinced by the claim that grafitti is an artform, until I discovered Xenz. Marrying fine art and urban art forms, his new solo show Cloud Cuckoo Land  is a beautiful and inspiring collection of fantastical imagery. The dissipating spray can reflects fragments of memory and the childhood dreams Xenz cites as one influence,Continue reading “Magical graffiti from Xenz”

Music. Bingo!

I don’t like numbers. I’m a words girl. And try as they might over the years, bingo callers have , managed to make the numbers that exciting. Legs eleven, two little birds, however you dress it up, digits are still digits. A bit of competition injects some pizzazz into proceedings, but I still find it difficult toContinue reading “Music. Bingo!”

Sky Larkin @ Hoxton Bar & Grill

Sky Larkin @ Hoxton Bar & Grill 19 Nov 2009 Levi’s One to Watch is renouned to pinpointing the bands which have flown under the radar but are hotly tipped as big talents for the New Year. According to Noize’s Francesca Barker, Leeds outfit Sky Larkin more than proved their worth last month and tellsContinue reading “Sky Larkin @ Hoxton Bar & Grill”