Bedtime Stories

The reputation of 40 Winks is high. The Saturday Times voted it one of the top 60 things to do in the world, whereas the Sunday Times Travel Magazine went one better and made it one of the 14 most amazing things to do in the world! Was an evening in a strange yet unassumingContinue reading “Bedtime Stories”

Vojko Jeric – A Home in Pictures

Vojko Jeric is cold and frustrated. He came to London a year ago, lured by the hope of success, the same dream of streets paved with gold that gets us all. Dedication to art is what gets him through, even when he is verging on proving Samuel Johnson right on being bored of London andContinue reading “Vojko Jeric – A Home in Pictures”

5×15 Stories

October 16th, The Tabernacle It’s a pretty simple proposition. Five speakers, each talking for fifteen minutes, about whatever they want. It’s the calibre of speakers, reverence shown to them, and luxury of the venues that elevates 5×15 Stories from a simple chat to a truly engaging and informative session. All the events, taking place roughlyContinue reading “5×15 Stories”

Football vs Sport

What shadow will the Olympics cast on the Premier League? So the greatest sporting party that Great Britain has ever seen finished a few weeks ago, as Oscar Pistorius ran his way to gold in the final event of the Paralympics. The naysayers found their gloomy predictions of a broken transport system, disinterested public andContinue reading “Football vs Sport”

Cafe correspondence

Jammatology – The Society Book Club With a name like The Society Club, I expected something rather fine, a little eccentric, and somewhat individual. Turning off from the hubbub of Carnaby Street, around the corner from Pret and the like, I walk into what seems to be rather fine although higgledy-piggledy sitting room. Books adornContinue reading “Cafe correspondence”