Mrs Dalloway at Arcola Theatre

Mrs Dalloway is probably my favourite novel, and as such I came to see the new adaptation at London’s Arcola Theatre feeling both excited and trepidatious. Could Forward Arena, Hal Coase’s script, and Thoms Bailey’s direction do it justice? I was worried as to how the play would adapt to the stage, with the narrative being so interiorised.   The five-strongContinue reading “Mrs Dalloway at Arcola Theatre”

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love) – Andy Merrifield

Taking its name from Ray Carver’s short story collection, What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love) is very heavy in literary references, as it’s what Andy Merrifield knows. Having dropped out of his Liverpool schools at 16, he taught himself and wound up an academic. He hated Liverpool – the dirt,Continue reading “What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love) – Andy Merrifield”

A visit to Dennis Severs House

Wandering round Dennis Severs House is a very grounding experience. We’re brought into the present moment through our senses. At the same time it has an other worldly feel, transporting us back to centuries past. This is no ordinary museum. It’s a snapshot of a life of Huguenot weavers, the ‘family and servants who willContinue reading “A visit to Dennis Severs House”

Monet & Architecture

Monet & Architecture at the National Gallery is the first purely Monet exhibition to be staged in London for more than twenty years. Featuring more than seventy five paintings, spanning over his career of fifty years, it showcases the roles of diverse buildings in Monet’s work, and challenges the assumption that Monet was a manContinue reading “Monet & Architecture”

The Adulterants – Joe Dunthorne

Ten years after his brilliant first novel Submarine, Joe Dunthorne brings us The Adulterants, a dark and funny comedy about modern relationships. Rising house prices and rising tensions amid the London riots in 2011 are our backdrop, but the tussles and rangling between Ray, aged 34, and his wife Garthene, echo many Generation Y andContinue reading “The Adulterants – Joe Dunthorne”