Down the church passage…to Alice In Wonderland

There are some pieces of art that are so classic and so timeless, so well known that they are engrained in the collective consciousness, an important part of anyone’s cultural history, but that also deal with such universal themes in such a fluid manner that they not only allow reinterpretation and adaptation, but fling themselvesContinue reading “Down the church passage…to Alice In Wonderland”


Next weekend Battersea Power Station will be host to thousands of people getting messy, sweaty, dizzy, and happy, as part of Holi One. Inspired by the Hindu festival Holi, a celebration of colour, organisers Colour Festivals have travelled around the world to Germany, the USA and Singapore to encourage people to let go and celebrate being part of aContinue reading “HoliONE”

Live music – a matter of size?

When you mention going to see live music to people in the UK, everyone immediately thinks about going to see large, well-established bands. Whilst this is undoubtedly a natural reaction it has become too dominant. Tickets for these shows are usually very expensive, and often the venues are very impersonal. The alternative, going to seeContinue reading “Live music – a matter of size?”

The London Burlesque Festival

Opening Gala @ Bush Hall, May 10th Burlesque is a funny one. Let’s be honest: it is essentially women getting their kit off in front of an audience. Although I’m not here to embroil in feminist debate it is hard to attend a burlesque night without considering whether by merely being in the audience weContinue reading “The London Burlesque Festival”

Poejazzi @Surya, March 13th

You may know that I am a fan of music, and words. Between them the two grace my shelves, fill my ears, and wrap themselves around my daily routine. One of the top places to see the two combined in a night of entertainment, is, so I had heard, Poejazzi. When the Southbank Centre andContinue reading “Poejazzi @Surya, March 13th”