Anna Hope – Expectation

What does it take to live a meaningful life? That’s the subject of Anna Hope’s new novel, Expectation. Hannah, Cate and Lissa are young, vivacious and close to each other as only young people are. Living in East London,  they spend their days exploring romance, art, activism and merriment, and are convinced that the worldContinue reading “Anna Hope – Expectation”

Create Platform

Create isn’t just for one day. The support for artists continues all week long. Create Platform is a week-long series of arts events and activities in and around Ashford taking place from 15 – 21 July. This exciting week-long programme of live arts events, fringe activities and happenings around town is an opportunity to showcase creativity andContinue reading “Create Platform”

Sylvia Plath: Life Between the Lines

If ever there was an author whose life dominated appreciation of their work, it’s Sylvia Plath. Her relationship with Ted Hughes and her suicide have informed and influenced how people read her stunning poetry and vibrant stories. Celebrating the publication of a second edition of her letters, after the first volume of letters were posthumouslyContinue reading “Sylvia Plath: Life Between the Lines”

Something to Live For – Richard Roper

A mistake during a job interview caused Andrew, whose job it is to inspect houses after a death, to fabricate an entire family. Like many mishaps, a small white lie grows into something bigger that takes over and gets in the way of him getting on with his life. It’s only when Penny arrives onContinue reading “Something to Live For – Richard Roper”

Elizabeth Day – How To Fail

We all do it. Yet it brings us so much shame. We try to pretend we don’t, or feel awful as a result. Yet it’s perfectly human. Failure that is. Elizabeth Day realised the taboo around failure and set up her podcast How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, in which she interviews people including Phoebe Waller-Bridge,Continue reading “Elizabeth Day – How To Fail”