New Nordic Melissa Dream – zzzzzzzzz

My boyfriend teases me. Relentlessly. Despite holding down a decent job, running a magazine, organising events, and having a fairly busy social life, I seem unable to be able to sleep through the night. It seems I’m not the only one, with recent research from the Mental Health Foundation revealing that over 60% of peopleContinue reading “New Nordic Melissa Dream – zzzzzzzzz”

New Nordic BioFirm Danish Detox Plan: 180 Tablets

I could probably report better results from Elixir Health’s New Nordic Bio Firm capsules had I strictly followed the recommended diet and cut out all wheat, dairy, fat, alcohol, sugar and meat. However, being pretty sure that this diet eliminates a number of the fundamental food groups, and being pretty keen on keeping my sanityContinue reading “New Nordic BioFirm Danish Detox Plan: 180 Tablets”

A Pukka upgrade

“Spring into action this year and hit the ground running” This can be as simple as incorporating Pukka Vitalise into your morning routine, or so the press release says. “Great” I say, “Send me some now!.” If it’s as easy as swigging a few herbs, what’s the harm in trying… I receive my packet of goodness atContinue reading “A Pukka upgrade”

Vitality Show 2011

How many times a day are we promised a wonder product, the amazing solution, the cure to all our problems, to make us ‘look good and feel great.’ It’s easy to be jaded, but women are not foolish. One of the great things about the Vitality Show, currently running at Earls Court Two, is that it brings togetherContinue reading “Vitality Show 2011”

Size 0 – who is to blame for women disappearing?

Skinny versus healthy is a debate that has been raging on incessantly in the media, and the minds of women, for not only the last few months, but subconsciously forever. However, the increase in eating disorders over the last few years can not be entirely disconnected with the message coming from the catwalk that emaciationContinue reading “Size 0 – who is to blame for women disappearing?”