Cafe correspondence

Jammatology – The Society Book Club With a name like The Society Club, I expected something rather fine, a little eccentric, and somewhat individual. Turning off from the hubbub of Carnaby Street, around the corner from Pret and the like, I walk into what seems to be rather fine although higgledy-piggledy sitting room. Books adornContinue reading “Cafe correspondence”

Bread from the Village Baker – try rye

I am turning into a loaf of rye bread. Fifteen loaves I was delivered, for a trial and taste test. I guess it’s safe to say I would not have got through fifteen loaves of Village Bakery Rye if it hadn’t had some redeeming features, one of them being that it’s pretty yummy. Lighter thanContinue reading “Bread from the Village Baker – try rye”

Sarajevo – coffee and roses

My favourite cafe ever in possibly my favourite city ever… If only I sat in Zlatna Ribica now, not my rainy West London Starbucks. The pavements of Sarajevo are awash with cafes and bars inviting regulars and visitors in to sample their refreshments and Bosnian hospitality in equal measures.   We discovered Zlatna Ribica onContinue reading “Sarajevo – coffee and roses”