Stories From Songs

Very pleased to announce the launch of Stories From Songs, the collection of stories inspired by the best thing in the world, music. With submissions from people all over the country, based on all kinds of genres, written all different subjects and spanning numerous styles, it’s a collection of the best kind of community creativity.Continue reading “Stories From Songs”

Planting the coffee bean

Ah the innocence of a young girl when her mother first takes her for coffee. Not stopping to get a drinking the middle of a frantic shopping trip because nerves are frazzled and tempers stretched further than the overdraft, but an event in itself. The smell of coffee hits the nose. The click of aContinue reading “Planting the coffee bean”

Pop Fiction – Stories Inspired By Songs Various Artists

As we are reminded in the introduction, music and literature are both art, and this book aims to showcase those ‘exhilarating’ moments when the two ‘swirl together and impact on each other.’ We’ve all sat and mused on what the story behind the song may be, and this collection of eighteen short stories puts thoseContinue reading “Pop Fiction – Stories Inspired By Songs Various Artists”