Being Dad: Short Stories About Fatherhood

For some reason, being a dad gets forgotten when it comes to art and literature. At least that was the perception of Dan Coxon, editor and curator of a new short story collection, Being Dad. ‘Being Dad started as a project when I began meeting writers within the short story community. I came to realiseContinue reading “Being Dad: Short Stories About Fatherhood”

Writing Raw – Dead Cold

‘Mate, will you just settle on a station.’ Said Rob in frustration, as Mark pressed the tune button again.      He’d been in work thirty seven minutes. It should have been fifty four, but alarm clocks and such binary measures of life had become insignificant since Anna left. He’d spent the whole time trying toContinue reading “Writing Raw – Dead Cold”

Some recent pieces of fiction…

A few links to recent forays into creative writing… Stepping Out, a quickly scribbled poem of haikus in Peeking Cat Poetry. Not Enough, started at a workshop organised by Spread The Word, and published on Londonist. The Library Gang, an idea taken from a stand up routine I saw on New Year’s Eve, on ShortContinue reading “Some recent pieces of fiction…”

Collaborative Creativity

I went to the pub, met some random people from the London ‘Zine and Self Publishing Group, ate some chicken, drank some wine, and made a collaborative ‘zine – in under 2 hours! Poet Sarah Dawson has written all about the evening on her blog.