Shopping – Initiative

Angular pop tunes with a plasticky feel are what Shopping have made their own, and new single Initiative is no different. A jubilant feel underpinned by eighties synths and pulsing beats, it has a belligerent feel that ripples along with a vibrant trajectory. The band are now four albums in (All Or Nothing is outContinue reading “Shopping – Initiative”

Squirrel Flower – Red Shoulder

Squirrel Flower (he moniker of Ella O’Connor Williams ) has announced her debut album I Was Born Swimming, out January 31st on Full Time Hobby. First single Red Shoulder is a melancholic and atmospheric stunner, that simmers with potency, all soulful guitars, haunting vocals, and crashing choruses. Squirrel Flower’s music is steely and confident, atContinue reading “Squirrel Flower – Red Shoulder”

Polica – Forget Me Now

Rousing, defiant, exciting and vigorous, Polica have shared their new single Forget Me Now. From its sparse opening to melodic verses and more intense interludes and rhythmic chorus, it’s the second song off new album When We Stay Alive, due January 31st via Memphis Industries. ”Forget Me Now’ is letting off some steam. It’s aboutContinue reading “Polica – Forget Me Now”

An interview with Philip Whiteley

Hot off the back of his brilliant performance at another successful Margate Bookie, I caught up with author Philip Whiteley, whose third novel, A Love of Two Halves, published by Unbound, is now on sale. Where did the idea of the story in A Love of Two Halves come from? I’m from a Leeds United supportingContinue reading “An interview with Philip Whiteley”

Natalie Trice – PR School

When Natalie Trice had to give up her glamorous London PR agency to look after her son with hip dysplasia, she thought her career was over. How wrong she was. Now, as well as working with big name businesses and small start ups, she is one of the go to voices in the world ofContinue reading “Natalie Trice – PR School”