Guest post – The Value of Critique Groups and Writing Groups

This post is by Jackie Rod, author of Georgia, Stories on my Mind. Why do writers need to join critique or writing groups? The answer is simple. Some writers are natural-born writers; however, most of us need a lot of help. Critique partners help you learn and grow. They ponder over your manuscript for characterContinue reading “Guest post – The Value of Critique Groups and Writing Groups”

Life Lessons

Presenting a never-before-seen take on wellbeing, bestselling authors and world-class thinkers combine under one roof for an insight-fuelled weekend of talks and debates, as Life Lessons shares big – but practical – ideas for living better. Taking place at The Barbican on 15-16 February, it’s the latest addition to the wellbeing schedule, and is presented by TheContinue reading “Life Lessons”

Miranda Popkey – Topics of Conversation

It may only be fragments of conversation, but nothing is off limits in Miranda Popkey’s first novel Topics of Conversation. Desire, motherhood, loneliness, relationships, pain and art are all explored in this short but potent book. Literary in style, it evokes the writings of Rachel Cusk and Sally Rooney, but has a strong voice andContinue reading “Miranda Popkey – Topics of Conversation”