Navina – Pieces

Producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Navina has released the lovely and languorous new tune Pieces. Here she jumps on the piano with baroque melodies and middle 8s in a song that reminds you that the good times in life come in moments and little pieces. With a spirited vibe and soft ambience, it’s full of charmContinue reading “Navina – Pieces”

Measure for Measure at The Marlowe

Measure for Measure holds an awkward place in Shakespeare’s canon. Full of lengthy soliloquies, reflections on life and death, fraught relationships, it also features the comedic tropes of mistaken identities and works its way towards a neat marriage ending. The bawdy jokes abound, but there’s also speeches that wouldn’t seem out of place in Hamlet.Continue reading “Measure for Measure at The Marlowe”

Susannah Dickey – Tennis Lessons

Growing up isn’t easy. You feel different, odd. You’re not like everyone else. You don’t belong in this world. Through short vignettes, each a moment in time at a specific date and age, Susannah Dickey’s debut novel Tennis Lessons takes you through the moments that build a life. Dead pets, crashed cars, failed relationships andContinue reading “Susannah Dickey – Tennis Lessons”

Carol LaHines – Someday Everything Will All Make Sense

Someday Everything Will All Make Sense, Carol LaHines’ debut novel, is, on the surface about death from choking on a wonton. But what it’s really about is grief, the process of rehealing, and the profound impact that the loss of a loved one has on us. Luther van der Loon, a harpsichord virtuoso and professorContinue reading “Carol LaHines – Someday Everything Will All Make Sense”