The Lutras – Fight Night

Scottish indie-rockers, The Lutras, return with their full-throttle single Fight Night, an energetic piece of punky rock that evokes classic British guitar melodies and fuzzing riffs. It simmers along, before building to a firey crescendo, boldly putting itself out there.

The Dumfries band, consisting of Ben Clements (vocals), Thomas Gillan (guitar), Danny Heron (bass) and Finlay Maxwell (drums) say: ‘Fight Night is a story of the working class youth – staying out all night, drinking too much, getting into situations that could have been avoided.’ It got me thinking about what working class art is? Does it have to be by working class people? How do we define that? Is it about a working class experience? As filtered by who?

It’s certainly got a gritty feel to it, and is highly relatable to anyone who has been living for the weekend. It’s not the most original of tunes, but sometimes great songs are built on what has come before them. The band gig A LOT, and are definitely worth catching in a sweaty club near you.

Published by Francesca Baker

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