Natalie Trice – PR School

When Natalie Trice had to give up her glamorous London PR agency to look after her son with hip dysplasia, she thought her career was over. How wrong she was. Now, as well as working with big name businesses and small start ups, she is one of the go to voices in the world of PR, and seen a key authority. PR School – Your Time To Shine is her new book, and its aim is to make PR accessible to anyone. Rather than some kind of off limits swanky world available only to those in the London lights, it shows the reader that they to can do their own PR, getting the column inches they deserve and building the relationships that they want.

She describes herself as being a ‘cheerleader’ and that’s exactly the vibe you get from this book. It’s direct and laidback, at the same time as being authoritative and professional. There are exercises dotted in throughout, making sure that you take action and get results. Experts such as Nicola Brown, Eve Menezes Cunningham, Hazel Davis and more contribute, and there’s quotes and case studies from Natalie’s clients, a testament to the way she works and helps them achieve their aims.

The book feels awfully generous. Rather than self-aggrandising or promoting, saying that she is the PR person you must pay if you want to get results, Natalie offers everyone the opportunity to do their own PR. It’s like being let in on all the secrets. There’s a handy list of resources, and a glossary, for anyone not familiar with the language of the PR world. She brings you in, and makes you feel like one of the gang.

Empowering is a word that gets thrown around a lot, and has become a bit meaningless at times. But this book does exactly that. It inspires and empowers the reader to be their own PR expert – with Natalie cheering them on the whole time.


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