Girl Ray – Show Me More

When did pop become indie, or indie become pop? These days there’s no demarcation, and both are as cool and on trend as the other. Girl Ray’s new album Girl recognises this, and is full of expertly crafted buoyant tunes that flicker and ripple with rounded beats and bouncing melodies. It’s music that doesn’t look to confuse or patronise. Music to fall in love to, to dance to. Songs you’d want to send to your friends. The stuff that music is meant to be. It’s got the kind of sunny vibes that keep us powering on through the dark winter, knowing something better is on the horizon.

First single off the new record is Show Me More. According to the band, the song is about ‘crushing really hard but having to play the long game and wait it out because your boo is playing savage games. It’s your classic pop banger. Steamy dance floor. Drinks on me.’

Breathy vocals, a catchy chorus, simmering beats and a deep groove, it’s a pop tune that means business. It’s out on November 8th on Moshi Moshi, with the album following on November 22nd.

Girl Ray will tour the UK in February 2020 with their biggest London headline show to date at Electric Ballroom on 26th February 2020.

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