Sorcha Richardson live

Servants Jazz Quarters – Tuesday 23 July

Sorcha Richardson has been buzzing around for a while, but this is her first visit to London, and she’s chosen the tiny Servants Jazz Quarters for her debut show in the capital. It also happens to be the hottest day of the year to date, and so this tiny little room is something of a sweatbox.

She starts off with ‘Lost’ and ‘Can’t We Pretend’ before Petrol Station kicks the packed out audience into gear, singing along to the bouncy tune. She’s spent the last twelve months recording a new album (First Prize Bravery set for release in the autumn) and we’re treated to some new tunes, which seem to bear the same trademark laidback and observational style, underpinned by sketchy synths and poppy melodies. ‘Don’t Talk About’ It is a jaunty infectious indie-pop that is brilliant fun, a spiky, hook-laden lament on the intricacies of romantic miscommunication, and will capture new fans. The Dublin born star moved to New York when she was 18, and it marked a gear shift in her writing and performing, but Ireland still shimmers through her storytelling.

She’s supported by Morning Midnight, who play some rocky folk, and also come back to play for Sorcha, ramping things up a gear from their support set.

The sound isn’t great, ricocheting around the room and bouncing back from the sound desk, but Sorcha is enigmatic and friendly, her warm presence and uplifting rhythms buoying the crowd. She seems genuinely thrilled that we’re all here – and we’re pretty happy too.

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