Some bodies – TV Show

Bristol boys Some Bodies have returned with their brand new single TV Show. Some startling rock, some shimmering pop, and some killer hooks make for a catchy tune that will be perfect in festival fields. Jerky riffs and hazy drums give it an edge, whilst soft vocals captivate. A slightly vintage aesthetic blurs with modern lyrics about the pursuit of fame.

Of the track guitarist and writer Fred Hickey tells us ‘TV Show is a pretty obvious song thematically. It’s a lot less cryptic than most tunes we do; with fairly brazen lyrics. It’s observing the weaponisation of trivial gestures in the pursuit of some strange fame. Features of being a normal nice person are now worn like badges of honour and buying a coffee is worthy of screaming from the digital rooftops. At the time we wrote it the world really felt like a big casting call with the allure of shiny stardom causing us all to scratch at the stars. I guess we just turned that into a video. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why the characters in the video are doing what they’re doing because it doesn’t seem like there’s a good reason for us all to be doing it in the “real” world.’



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