Paint Jam London

As adults we don’t often get the chance to be creative. Playing for the sake of it is for kids. We want to do something productive, or achieve something. But that’s not always the most fun. Paint Jam gives people the opportunity to paint and create with music and drinks in a friendly and enjoyable setting. There’s no need for talent or skill – it’s about enthusiasm and energy. I went along to their recent Neon Paint Rave and had a blast making shapes on the walls and channelling my creativity into a collective mural.

I caught up with Alex from Paint Jam to find out more.

Why did you set Paint Jam up? 

We want to give people who might not be ‘artists’ or work in a creative field the opportunity to discover their creativity in a relaxed, party-like atmosphere. We believe that everyone can be an artist, but many people are almost scared of being creative and we want to change that.

How successful has it been?

It’s lovely to see the transformation in people, sometimes they can be a bit shy at the beginning of the workshop but usually after a few minutes they become more and more confident and walk out with an amazing painting. To see someone who usually doesn’t paint become more confident and relaxed, and maybe helping them to discover a new hobby, is incredibly rewarding.

Why is it good for people who aren’t ordinarily creative? 

We believe that art is for everyone, not just trained artists. There are so many health benefits of being creative, but often people lack the confidence. We want to give everyone the opportunity to be creative in a relaxed, fun environment.

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