Brian Jory – Cupid on Trial

Did you know that every day one million people ask Google for the definition of love? According to Dr Brian Jory, this uncertainty stems from cultural shifts that have radically transformed views about love, intimacy, and sexuality. It’s time to restructure old-fashioned perspectives and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to love someone—and ourselves—in the modern world.

It might be fiction, but Cupid on Trial is very much based in fact, as relationship therapist Dr Jory explores couples in the town of Lovejoy as they struggle through love without an instruction manual. In it he examines new challenges of love in the modern world through a fictional account of couples who are struggling with love in turbulence, relationships pushed to the brink, and situations they never saw coming. His work as an ‘eyewitness to love’s triumphs and tragedies’ takes him to deep and delicate places and he has worked with hundreds of couples through ‘joy, peace, conflict and betrayals of intimacy.’


Recognizing that ‘as humans, we learn from stories’ he has sought to create stories and characters that are not the stuff of fairytales, but real life, tackling contemporary challenges such as sexual harassment, social media impact, and same-sex relationships, and changing views of masculine and feminine power. It’s a bit clunky, with none of the nuance and subtlety you expect from literary fiction  – but then it’s not. It’s tricky to combine relatable stories and compelling characters with research-based analysis.

‘We strive to make our relationships work, but in today’s complex world, it’s harder for couples to create and sustain this kind of intimacy,’ says Dr. Jory. ‘My book explores core issues that will change the way we view life and love forever. Based on sound science, this is an extension of my work the field of relationship therapy for two decades,” adds Dr. Joy. ‘If you’ve ever fallen in love, struggled with love, or faltered in love, Cupid on Trial will help you realize it’s never too early—or too late—to plan your happy ending.’

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