The No Need To Diet Book: Become a Diet Rebel and Make Friends with Food – Pixie Turner

Society tells us that being fat is the worst possible thing. It does this in the guise of helping us to be ‘healthy’, in the process demonising certain foods and praising the thin ideal. But society is wrong. All this approach has done has made us miserable and unhealthy. It’s  time for a change, says Pixie Turner.

In The No Need To Diet Book: Become a Diet Rebel and Make Friends with Food, nutritionist Pixie Turner, aka Plant Based Pixie, debunks the diet myths and tries to unravel the rubbish that has built up around health.

An advocate of intuitive eating and the Health At Every Size movement, she sets out arguments as to why the good/bad moralisation of food is detrimental, the importance of eating a balanced diet, why we need to take weight out of the equation, disparages the dumb idea that we need to detox, and explores the importance of the socio-economic determinants of health. There are chapters on orthorexia and wellness, the media landscape, exercise, and fearmongering around food.

The book is accessible, but backed up with science and research, and written with the average confused self help reader in mind. Turner explains why food is about so much more than nutrition, and the importance of having fun with it. It’s a book about living.

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