Live at the Marlowe

The Marlowe Theatre’s regular showcase of creative comedy acts Live At The Marlowe sees big names and up and coming comics gather together on the stage of the Canterbury theatre. The final gig of 2018 saw Sara Pascoe, Jamali Maddix, The Pin, Sara Barron and Suzi Ruffell on top form and full of witty banter.

Suzi Ruffell bounded around the stage with energy as the evening’s compere. It’s just as challenging acting as the introducer as it is performing, and she was funny and warm as she told tales about her own life and experiences.

Opener Jamali Maddix thought the Canterbury crowd were a tough one, but his politically slanted comedy went down well and saw laughter rippling out. Extremism and terrorism is never an easy subject, but he managed to deliver pointed humour.

Sara Barron’s stories about her marriage and relationships was aware and acute, as the American comedian spoke with rawness and honesty, without ever seeming to try to be too shocking, just authentic. Sketch comedy can be hard, but The Pin (Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen, who write and star in their BBC Radio 4 show of the same name) are funny and deadpan.

Sara Pascoe headlined this Christmas edition. Down to earth, droll, and smart, her sharp comedy sends laughter out across the room. Strident and shrewd, she’s an engaging and likeable person who connects with the audience through her down to earth and self-deprecating delivery.

Everyone likes to laugh. Live At The Marlowe lets you do just that.

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