Nick Spalding – Checking Out

What do you do when the doctor says you could die at any moment? That’s what the young and successful Nathan James has to consider, when he is diagnosed with a tumour. It’s not just that he’s facing up to the fact that he’s made some less than perfect life choices – he’s also fallen in love.

Which could not have happened at a worse time.

Nick Spalding’s latest book is a comedic take on a journey of self discovery and romance. Although a light read, it explores relationships, consumerism, dealing with death, and other such weighty issues. There’s also singing fruit, unwanted handjobs in a commune, a donkey with personality disorder, and a slapstick scene involving a rubber hammer outside a Primark.

He plays his jokes for laughs, and some of the humour is a bit heavy handed. The whole plotline is entirely unbelievable. But with seventeen titles under his belt, Spalding has hit on a formula that works. For easy and breezy storytelling, you can’t go far wrong with Checking Out.


I received a copy of Checking Out from NetGalley.

Published by Francesca Baker

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