Blood Red Shoes – Mexican Dress

The brilliant and brutal Blood Red Shoes have released a new single Mexican Dress and announced their fifth studio album Get Tragic. Mexican Dress blisters and shimmers in a business as usual fashion for the rock duo, all seething and broody. ‘This song is about the lengths people will go to for attention. Whether it’s online or in real life – small hits of validation and the feeling of having all eyes on you have become our generation’s biggest drug problem.’ says Laura Mary-Carter (vocals/guitar).

Laura and Steven Ansel (vocals/drums) had an intense few years, with incessant gigging and being with one another twenty four seven. They had to go their separate ways for a while to find out what their musical relationship meant. Laura packed her bags and bought a one-way flight to Los Angeles, a complete radio-silence between the two bandmates stretching on for months. She fell in with a songwriter’s crowd, penning tracks and collaborations with big-time pop producers and pitching songs for the likes of Rihanna. Steven went out clubbing and took a hell of a lot of drugs. ‘I don’t remember a lot about it,’ he says. ‘Classic break-up move, right?’

But now they’re back, and sounding just as bold as ever.

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