Practical Kindness: 52 Ways to Bring More Compassion, Courage, and Kindness into Your World Paperback by Lara K. Heacock

We tend to divide ways of being into binary camps. There’s active doing and passive being. There’s hard actions and soft feelings. Solid practice and ephemeral thought. Lara K Heacock’s new book Practical Kindness: 52 Ways to Bring More Compassion, Courage, and Kindness into Your World challenges such distinctions.

A collection of 52 ways to bring more compassion, courage and kindness into your world, it’s part workbook, part journal, part self help book – and very accessible. Each week there’s a new chapter to read, and a new activity to do, titled things such as Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect, Always Be A Little Kinder Than Necessary, The Magic of Acceptance and You’re Too Important. The book begins with the foundation of Self Kindness, before moving to the Courage To Be Imperfect, tips for Kind Living, before finishing with 19 Life Lessons.

It’s an intense, but fun programme to work through. The whole essence is that you can’t beat yourself up for not doing something, or judge yourself too harshly for the outcome. That makes the process far more therapeutic and valuable.

Lara believes that self-kindness and self-care are essential to success, and has made it her mission to help others on the path. Her website, Kind Over Matter, is devoted to sharing practical tips and inspiring exercises that help people live a more compassionate lifestyle.

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