The Kidult Handbook by Nicole Booz

Being an adult isn’t easy. Bills to pay, chores to do, work to go to…sometimes it seems like those glorious days of freedom we experienced as a child or gone forever. Well, according to Nicole Booz (founder of GenTwenty), it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if we embrace ‘kidulting.’ Kidulting is letting go of the demands and pressures, and behaving in a playful way. It’s about doing things for the pure joy of it, not to be an expert, not to succeed, not to achive.

In The Kidult Handbook From Blanket Forts to Capture the Flag, a Grownup’s Guide to Playing Like a Kid, you’ll find 160 activities that encourage you to look at life with fresh eyes and just play. Sending snail mail, having cereal for dinner, marching ants on a log, role playing games, painting and wine…there’s a huge variety of things to do solo and with others, in doors and outdoors, and all of which help you to let go.

Playing is good for you. It boost endorphins, benefits the immune system, helps you look at issues in a new way, allows fresh ideas to flourish, and helps you form relationships. Creativity and activity are often used in therapeutic environments to help people improve their quality of life, and there’s no reason why we can’t inject a little bit of magic into our own lives by trying out some of these exercises.

The Kidult Handbook is essential reading for all adults – and their inner child. Get stuck in, and get playing.

Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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