Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High Vibe Life by Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington says that people often think she and her ‘numinous coven’ (the name she gives to her ‘woo woo’ friends, after her magazine) are a bit barmy, given their fondness for astrology, seances, crystals and tarot. I have to admit, I do too. But Ruby won’t care. Having given up her job in fashion journalism and her party girl days she’s now high on all things mystical.

Wellness and alternative health have certainly become cool, and as Ruby puts it ‘the New Age has got an image upgrade and become the Now Age.’ In her funny and bold tone we are taken through Ruby’s transition from coke snorting anxiety to crystal healing bliss through chapters titled ‘Astrology as Basic Life Skill’, ‘Your Period as Sacred Goddess Code’ and ‘Healing is the New Nightlife.’

It’s funny, and clever, and very compellingly written, and even though I can’t see me getting on board with most of the ideas, Ruby does make them sound damn good fun. Who doesn’t want to ‘get buzzed’ on breath?

But why she came to doing this – that I’m down with. She thought she had it all, and she didn’t. She decided to seek the ‘something fundamental to the purpose of me taking up space on the planet.’ That should be the goal of us all, whether we look to the stars for it or not.

Out now on Harper Collins.

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