What is Sisterhood?

UK Patron Dame Helen Mirren, Supporters Elizabeth Debicki, Emma Grede, Jude Wanga, Trustee Hikari Yokoyama, and Executive Director Brita Fernandez Schmidt ask ‘What is Sisterhood’ in a new short film by Women for Women International – the charity which supports women survivors of war.

The charity promote the sense of solidarity in these challenging times of unprecedented levels of violence against women and hard-fought rights under threat in many parts of the world. They spread a message of connection and hope. They say that when you ask women around the world ‘What is Sisterhood?’ the answers are surprisingly similar.  Sisterhood means building personal connections, understanding that our similarities are more powerful than our differences.

If you want to get involved in the cause you can

  1. Sign up to Women for Women International’s global sisterhood. Join Dame Helen Mirren and Elizabeth Debicki and take a stand against the injustices women survivors of war face
  2. Share the ‘What is Sisterhood?’ film https://youtu.be/VMkbTnaJoNk
  3. Discuss what sisterhood means to you using #SheInspiresMe on social media
  4. Sponsor a woman through Women for Women International’s Programme.  Your monthly gifts of £22 could help support her through a year-long training programme that will give her the skills to support her family and transform her life.


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