Skin Aspirations

Simona has been practising beauty for the last three years, and in that time found herself becoming increasingly frustrated. Skin health matters, and her experience of working at clinics in Harley Street and in the City was ‘that clients in most instances are sold industry hype.’ She wants to help people get the skin they dream of, and her new business Skin Aspirations is aimed at doing just that.

‘I believe that Skin Aspirations can make a huge difference in your skin health and appearance just by choosing customised and correct skin care.’

So it was that I found myself in her Chelsea clinic, looking to experience this through the signature The DMK Enzyme Therapy facial. The process is long, and intensive, but the room relaxing and calming. She’s attentative but not invasive, and explains things well.

It begins with Acu Klenz to deeply cleanse the skin and pores and Desquamate, which is a gentle exfoliant to loosen and remove dead skin cells. Depending on your personal skin issues, Simona tailors her treatment to you. For me that meant some pre reduction and sebum soak, but for you it might be something different.

But for everyone the Enzyme masque #1 is crucial. This is the signature DMK product and enhances your skins capacity to function optimally. The skin starts to pulsate as it increases blood and lymph flow, and the mask tightens to to rebalance, tighten and firm the skin.  The tightening action of the enzyme treatment has the bonus effect of actually exercising the facial muscles as well as increasing blood flow to the capillaries through a process of reverse osmosis.

We finish with beta gel – to address reactive, irritated or inflamed skin and direct delivery Vitamin C serum, a key vitamin for the production of collagen which gives skin its firmness, as well as a refreshing Herb and Mineral Mist to helps the oils and crème to penetrate deeper into the skin. DMK describe their process as one of removing, rebuilding, protecting and maintaining. 

Immediately my skin was clearer and brighter, an effect that hasn’t lessened over the days since. Great skin is such a confidence booster, and this process definitely helps. As Simona says. ‘Skin health is important to me as I believe that everyone deserves great skin. I have strong conviction that better skin leads to a better life.’



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