Different dates in the capital

You might think you know everything there is to do in London. You’ve been on the Eye (who sponsors that these days?), checked out The Beatles in the National Portrait Gallery and feigned interest in every single artefact in the British Museum. But the wonderful thing about this city is that there’s always more to see, and always more ways to see it. So for your upcoming date, ditch dinner and drinks, and get to one of these…

Morning Gloryville

You might not think clubbing might not be the most original place for love to thrive. But sober? In the morning? Before work? Yup, that’s Morning Gloryville. Dance to top DJs and throw shapes on the floor, letting all inhibitions down as young ravers, middle aged dancers, gym bunnies, families, curious businesspeople and everything in between have a great time.

Treasure hunt

Discover more about one another as you discover more about your local area. Games such as Citydash have you out and about on the streets solving clues and mysteries on your phone, whilst THATMuse run treasure hunts in London museums.


Using boardgames like Scrabble, as well life drawing, death by chocolate and other games, Smudged Lipstick help people focus on having ‘fun first and finding “the one” second.’ It’s the same advice we’ve heard time and time again – once you stop pushing for love and just relax, it might happen. As Jordi explains, ‘things like eye contact, tone of voice and body language are all really important’ and something that getting a little bit silly all help with.


Underground Theatre

London’s Vaults sweats with art of all kinds – cabaret, comedy, theatre, puppetry, immersive performance and more – and trying to narrow down what to see gets harder every year. Given that the theatre space is in disused railway tunnels with water running down the walls and bare floors, it lends itself to vibrant, vital and innovative perfomances that will keep you chatting until way after the final call.


Published by Francesca Baker

Passionate about music, the world, exploring, literature and smiling. Writing, marketing and events for all my favourite things.

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