An interview with deux furieuses

Music can change the world. But in a bubblegum pop world where image matters, nice sells, and speaking out can cause a media backlash, artists find themselves stepping away from activism. Not so deux furieuses. The video for new single Time to Mourn/From Fear to Fury tells the story of a reluctant refugee leaving his war torn homeland and arriving in an unwelcoming country.

Released on 20th January 2017, all proceeds from the sale of the single via Bandcamp will go to the grass roots charity group Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People. They work to help keep a vital mobile phone lifeline open for refugees desperate to connect with families and to access important services and information.

As Ros and Vas explain ‘We hope our song helps make a difference by raising much needed funds. We chose Phone Credit for Refugees after meeting our Labour MP Stella Creasy at Walthamstow feminist bootcamp and she put us in touch with people who knew this fantastic volunteer group. You can see where your money is going and you are directly helping people to access important services and information and to stay connected to their families.’

Their bio reads ‘deux furieuses are an Anglo/ Scottish agit punk duo who formed in 2013 determined to use their words and music as weapons to question these troubled times’ and the whole of their album Tracks of Wire is an attempt to write about the issues we face today. However they don’t spell out particular manifestos or political mantras.  ‘We would prefer that people listen to the songs and think for themselves than have them explained by us.’

The duo wholeheartedly belief in the value of music and the arts for making change. ‘We come from Greek and Scottish/Irish backgrounds and our music stands against the growing tide of suspicion and intolerance. We decided in 2013 that we had to use any skills or talent we had as musicians, as songwriters, as a band to question and challenge, to show what we stood for. Otherwise your music ultimately says everything is fine and acceptable. We also think we can help change our culture by being creative and making our own culture rather than just passively consuming it. This leads to a real communication between artists and people in different countries.’

They’ve previously contributed to the #moreincommon album in aid of Hope Not Hate, and found ‘a growing sense of horror ‘ through the experience of seeing our world fall apart in some ways, but know that ‘we have to wake up and act now to ensure our silence is not taken as acquiescence.’

But we have to finish our chat. They have to rush off and pick up their makeshift drums ready to bang outside Downing Street in protest against the UK government’s apparent complicity with Trump’s immigration policy and terrifying populist extremism. No silence here. ‘There is a time for songs and a time to take to the streets.’

We can make a noise too, helping the most vulnerable speak simple words of reassurance to loved ones, by buying Time to Mourn/From Fear to Fury here and see them live on March 18th at the LOUD WOMEN Volume 1: Album Launch Party, with all profits going to Women’s Aid.

First published on Joyzine

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