Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

They’ve been away for a while. Japandroids had a busy year in 2012 following their album Celebration Rock, playing over 200 shows in 40 countries, and have been absent since. But the duo will return to the stage and the stereo next year, with their third album Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, out worldwide on Anti- this January 27, 2017.

Some of the greatest rock’n’roll albums are the shortest and sweetest – think IV by Led Zeppelin, Horses by Patti Smith, and Bruce Spingsteen’s Born To Run. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life follows that pattern, with only 8 songs, just like Post-Nothing and Celebration Rock. Despite being a duo, dressed in black and white, and with a retro A and B side to the album, they’re far from monochromatic.

Devilish, heroic and bold, they challenge the fashionable notion that guitar music and straight up rock’n’roll bands are irrelevant. Thrillingly apocalyptic, it rolls with an infectious guitar riff before a punchy and positive chorus. With a raft of European tour dates on the agenda, it’s time to welcome back

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