Alpines – Another River

Immediately captivating in sound even if not on paper to those of us who love indie boys with guitars, the new album from Alpines could be a game changer for my Spotify at least. They’re loved by the mainstream fashion industry, but musicians have got to make money somehow. The London duo – Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson – return with Another River, their second album. It’s an emotive and charismatic record that shifts and pulses, building on debut Oasis.
Pop for the winter months, there’s a slick glaze to synth aesthetic that shimmers over a complex arsenal of ideas and keyboards. Completely build and builds like sediment, but never gets weighed down; Stay is an R&B killer; things go down a notch on the chiming How It Hurts; whilst first single Heaven pops along with bounding beats that are unapologetically melodic. Well worth checking out, Alpines release Another River on the 28th October via Metropolis Recordings and headline London’s Moth Club on the 9th November.

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