Balls, booze and banter

In Shoreditch anything can happen. Stick a bunch of old rubbish in the downstairs of a warehouse and get people to come along and pay to hit a ball around it until it falls into a hole. I guess it’s slightly more novel than asking them to hit a ball around a lawn until it drops into said hole. Crazy golf is the only kind of golf I’ve really been able to get behind, and Junkyard Golf Club just raised the bar from the course at Skegness. They’ve been quite a hit in Manchester, and now have a year long residency at Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery.

With three courses, (There’s Frank – Putt Up or Shit Up; we were on Pedro – Polluted Paradise, although secretly wished we’d been allocated to Helga – In Da Club, mainly for singing opportunities) there’s plenty of inventive twists on the game. Lose a ball in the washing machine, just like your sock; walk along the plank to Steven Seagull’s mouth; play pool with your golf club; and navigate slides and climbing frames.

Of course you have street food on offer, craft beer, and a cocktail menu dripping in puns. It gets pretty busy, and very loud, so isn’t the best place to catch up with mates, but does offer the opportunity for fodder to rib them with in the pub afterwards.

Open 11am-11pm every day until the end of the year. Tickets from £8.50.

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