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The Creative Workplace – Rob Alderson

Roads Publishing

Place matters. The environment in which people work not only says a lot about the company and brand, but also has a huge impact on the inspiration and motivation of the team within it. Google’s legendary slides just wouldn’t cut it in GHQ; a brand like Tesco couldn’t have a swanky central London HQ.

The culture and personality of the company and its work can all be reflected in walls, furniture and images where they work. And in visual industries it’s even more crucial. The Creative Workplace opens the doors to graphic design, architecture, advertising and digital media studios around the world and asks creatives what their workplaces say about them.

It’s a beautiful book filled with glossy images of spaces that speak volumes about the aspiration of the companies who created them. Over fifty spaces have been photographed, with stunning inner and outer design work elevating them from the usual office.

‘For creative agencies and design studios, workplaces are part of their brand identities, helping to attract and retain both creative talent and commercial clients,’ writes Rob Alderson in the introduction. ‘But there is a definite sense that there exists a direct cause and effect between the spaces people work in and their productivity, creativity and outlook.

‘People will always shape their spaces to give them an advantage, building an atmosphere that helps them think and work in the best possible way,’ he continues.

There’s no formula. AWe see brave architectural statements, airy minimalist lofts, and quirky personal touches. There’s nature and greenery inside at production and interactive design studio Random Studio in Amsterdam and whereas Casa Rex design house in São Paulo has an entrance that  looks like a demolition site. ‘That always makes a positive first impression.’ they say. And what about mobile working spaces, like a caravan at FIVE AM design studio in Belgium.

Where we work matters, both for a huge company and as an individual. It’s a book worth perusing not just for design porn, but to make us consider location and surroundings. Whether it’s nature, clean space, sitting near a window or having a photo nearby, make a change to your outer space and see if there’s a change within you.


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