Five of the best at Blissfields

The first weekend in July sees Blissfields kick off. Taking place at Vicarage Farm in Hampshire, it’s a festival that has grown over the years from a few people with tents and guitars, to a warm and vibrant celebration of music and art. Here are five of the best acts showing up this year, its fifteenth.

Genghar are bursting with energetic grooves and hooky tunes, with She’s A Witch being one of their most immediate and catchy.

John Grant. He’s the GMF you know.

Red Kites make sweeping sounds that sound like ribbons of fierce sunlight, and are delivered with as much urgency.

Spring King make bounding and grand reverb heavy rock that sees eyes cast on the shoes and arms up in the air.

The Boy I Used To Be

Lo fi pop chock full of emotions understood through a wry smile and raised eyebrows.

Tickets, starting at £105.45 for an adult weekend pass and further information are available from


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