Kickstarter – Recipes for Recovery

Recipes for Recovery

I’m producing a small recipe book to raise money for BEAT, the UK’s leading charity for support for recovery from eating disorders. Conversations and experiences with therapists, professionals and those suffering and recovering from the illnesses, have taught me that learning to love and connect with food again is a huge step on the path to a normal relationship with food.

I am therefore asking people to share simple, tasty recipes that matter to them. For example, something your grandmother used to make, a dish that reminds you of a holiday, or your default choice for a lazy Sunday evening. Each recipe page will have the ingredients, method, and a short story behind the dish and why the contributor chose it.

BEAT have approved the project. The booklet will be sold for a small donation, and all funds will go to the charity. I’m asking for your support through the recipes you love, the books you buy and the awareness that you are able to raise.

Check out Kickstarter below or get in touch for more information!

recipes for recovery

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