Off to the woods in 2014

I’d love to tell you all about this year’s In The Woods Festival, but I’m simply not allowed. You see, part of the magic of this festival is its mystery. It really is like venturing into another world, deep into a fairy lit forest where the line up is shrouded in secrecy, the location is known only to punters, and the attention to aesthetics is mystical and awe inspiring. The theme this year is ‘Worship of the Absurd, Characters, Creatures and Deities’ – make of that what you will. Tickets always sell out immediately, despite there being no known big name headliners or huge corporate sponsors due to one thing – the strength of its reputation. Organised by the quirky The Laurel Collective, and now in its ninth year, the event is one of the circuit’s most hotly anticipated, and last year won the AIM award for the Best Small Festival. There’s music, poetry, magic, spoken word, a silent disco, delicious food, chill out arenas, art installations, immersive theatre, interactive play, a giant bonfire, and probably loads more that I can’t tell you about, and don’t even know about yet.

But, here’s a hint at what might be to come, with a little mix from performers past.  Keep an eye on their facebook page for announcements.

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