Bwani Junction – Borneo

‘Borneo is now our big audience sing-along song – which felt great when 12,000 punters were hollering along with us in Strasbourg,’ so says Bwani Junction’s bass player Fergus Robson.

And it’s clear to hear why. From the starting squealing holler of ‘Do I get?’ to the soaring chorus, undulating basslines that cavort and copulate with the timely beat, and chiming chords it’s compelling and dramatic, full of the trademark joie de vivre that has captured fans of the Edinburgh band. A video exploring the adventure and drama of relationships, it’s drenched in sunshine hues and frantic camera work, they sustained a few injuries whilst making it. Keeping with the international vibe, they are headlining a festival in Malawi at the end of this month, Bwani Junction have more international dates in Vietnam, with November shows in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Taken from their forthcoming second album, to be released on 4th November 2013.


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